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Hi! My name is Kate. I'm from Moscow, Russia. I like to play the piano and listen to music(especially black music). By the way if you have some modern sheet music - tell me:)
I'm addicted to icon making, so you can check out my works at my journal.I also take requests so write if you want me to make you something(HQ pictures are preferred). Add me and I'll add you back! .
fergie_ic - The fabulous Fergie icontest community, running by the lovely tout_moi. Join today and participate!
aniston_lims - LIMS iconchallenge of the best actress ever Jennifer Aniston!:) Join today!
jlo_lims - tout_moi 's LIMS iconchallenge of Jennifer Lopes! Join today!
nelly_lims - Nelly Furtado LIMS Community. Join!
jolie_lims - LIMS iconchallenge of the gorgeous Angelina Jolie ! Join today!
satc_ic - Sex and the city icon challenge! Join today!!!

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